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Default Re: Evga 790i & G.Skill 1600 DDR Trouble

I am running a 790 with 4 Gig of OCZ 1600, 2 x 2.
BIOs P04. memory in slots 2 & 4, cpu 6850 & Vista 64.

The best stability I can get with the 790 is with everything set at auto, 1333 x 1333
Moving to 1600 x 1600 the best stability I can get is with the timing set to auto which puts the memory at 9,9,9. Unlinked works better for me. I think stability/performance might be better at 1600 x 1333 using lower latency.

I find that if I leave the mem voltage at auto it produces the best stability. If I push it too high, above 1.7, I get random BSD and failure to boot. I know that is within specs but it causes this setup problems. If you go to 1600 you probably will have to bump it up to 1.7.

The default boot SPD timing for the OCZ mem is 7,7,7,20 1T which at 1333 is stable. The OCZ label says 7,7,7,24 1T. Any move to OC then 2T seems to be the choice.

It appears that the 790 has no where near the stability of my old 680. Hopefully BIOS updates will fix the 790, for now, the default settings work best for me.
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