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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Im back from Barcelona (freaking awosome place and i got to checkout all the guadi stuff id been looking at for years in books in the flesh or err stone/wood &metal as the case maybe!)

Im not gonna jump in on the REX Vs FEX debate untill i can test them side by side,one thing i will say is that the missrepresentation thing can be leveled at both partys

REX for what it maybe (jazzed up screenshots) & FEX for what they said it would become

Im still waitting for the Free massive update(tomorrow became yesterday) and the weather engine (lite or full) is still just vapourware atm,at the time i brought FEX(launch week)i brought it for what it would become & i knew it was incomplete but i was trying to help out a small dev with big ideas,but apart from a small amount of bug fixes to the interface,there has'nt been a lot added to it and i feel its far from what they promised,maybe i'll be a bit happier when this next update finally comes out but its the last time i jump in at launch to buy any more FEX products

Anyways Tim kindly gave me the info on the model its a Freeware Aerospace Fletcher FU24-954 and you can get it at Avsim

Right im off for a beer and a holiday from my holiday!
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