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Default Re: Question about posting in buy, sell, trade forums..PLEASE HELP

requirements to post in the forum are

8. Any person selling on the For Sale forum must have at least 6 months membership with nVnews or a post count of no less than 500, if you want to sell and do not meet these requirements you must register your full name, address and phone number, which will be followed up with a phone call to verify who you are. Please register with MikeC.

  • I have been a member for atleast 6 months so I dont have to have 500 posts
  • My feedback is clearly shown in my sig

Does everyone who wants to buy sell trade have to register with MikeC? It was my take that if you met the above requirements you don't have to register with him.

The only reason I pm'd you was because I couldnt get a straight answer...I offered to call for a explanation..Im glad you posted the pm's because it shows my frustration.

And if you think this is a "blast" on you ..Wow, your more sensitive then my sister, Im not trying to earn brownie points Im just trying to get the facts straight.
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