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Thanks for your suggestions.
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Also, I doubt it is a player or codec issue since those of us who have experienced the problem have found it to occur across multiple players (e.g., Ogle, Mplayer, Xine) and across multiple file formats (and hence codecs) e.g, divx, dvd, avi, mpeg.

My sense is that probably not everyone is affected since people like you seem to be doing fine.

On the other hand enough people have beed affected across a diverse set of hardware that it would be appropriate to at least get an acknowledgement response from nVidia.

Given the documentation and specificity around what triggers the behavior, it shouldn't be very hard for an nVidia engineer to quickly identify the source (though perhaps not the solution) to the problem. Also, I am sure that with a little guidance, many of us would be more than willing to help further troubleshoot and test solutions.

I am not asking that nVidia go out of its way to devote hours and hours of time to fix the problem. I am just saying that if they claim to provide even a minimal amount of Linux support to those of us who spent $250+ on nVidia hardware, then the least they could do is to respond to repeated emails, pms, and postings!

Hence, my grade of "F" for responsiveness still stands.
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