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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by glObalist
Hey, it's fine, you think in Conan's time you would be given a reason before being killed by a bunch of barbarians? LOL learn2handle mature MMOs lol. This game is for adults FFS.

You're right, a mature MMO. There is no maturity here. Level 80's camping level 10's at spawn points, or standing at the zone line and killing them before the even get done loading...yeah, real mature!

And the Conan angle is just lame and ignorant. Go back to any time, even the harshest, and people weren't running around killing everyone they saw for no reason. I see the "harsh" excuse used over and over again and it's ridiculous.

Right now AoC PvP is a griefers, hacker, exploiters paradise.
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