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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by brady
With my new Ultra 120 Extreme and Scythe fan I'm able to run my Q6600 at 3.6GHz. I'm using 9x400 with the ram locked at 1000MHz and my vcore set to 1.4 in the BIOS. Seems stable so far. I've not had any problems in games or applications so far. I ran prime95 for a few minutes just to see what the max load temps were and core0 (the hottest one) would hover around 64-65. The CPU idles around 45C on core0.

Using the stock HSF core0 idled around 42C at stock speeds so I'm very happy with this HSF combo. I'm guessing the temperature difference between the cores is a result one of any combination of 1) uneven compound spread 2) uneven spreader surface 3) uneven HS surface. Core0 is always the hottest and core1 is usually about 2-5C cooler than core0. Cores2 and 3 are sometimes almost 10C cooler than the others. Any additional thoughts on that?
Are you using the "F" version of the fan? I went with a Scythe Kama which is about equal to the "E" variant except it has the 4 pin header on it. I had mine up to 3.3ghz P95 stable, but when I was playing a game it ended up locking up on me so I had to back it down to 3Ghz again. I think the extra heat from the 8800GTXs that wasn't present when I was running P95 caused it to cross the threshold.

Mine temps show core 0 and 1 at 63C and cores 2 and 3 at always 5C less. I'm thinking I'm going to try either a different fan or see if I can get it stable with a lower voltage. I'm not sure about Idle but I want to say under 40C. I need to play with it some more and see what I can do. That was with 1.45V in the bios. (I think it's 1.4V in CPU-Z) During P95 the Vdroop is pretty crazy as I think I saw it hit 1.33V running P95.
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