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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by killahsin
that is AoC "free for all pvp" ffa-pvp system, please understand thats a seperate rules set thanks. The beta was set to it yes and yes it sucked.
Actually all the PvP servers are FFA, which is what i was talking about. The only servers that aren't FFA are the PvE servers, where you can PvP in the Border Kingdoms or mini-games.

Originally Posted by spirited1
You're missing my point. I haven't played the game. I have never once claimed I have played it. I believe the upper levels are buggy, untested, and missing a load of content.

You and that other guy are continually dodging. I ask for details, you say "nevermind that, it's great lol". I'm calling bull****. Either you and him have never played above 20 or you know there are drastic problems.

So come on. Give me the full skippy on how the end game raiding system works. Talk about how the classes work, talk about trash mobs, pvp mechanics, raid target ai, ANYTHING. Because I'm guessing you can't.

The ball is in YOUR court, not mine. I am not the guy talking up AoC. Show me the money or shut up.
Hey dickhead, it's not our job to convince you of anything or shut you up. You can gladly keep running your mouth about something you know nothing about, i think it's hilarious and it actually makes you look dumber than if we did set you straight. Obiviously, there are those of us who have seen what the game is about, and we don't give a **** whether you play or not. If we are talking it up it's because we are excited about the fact that it is finally coming out, like gamers do all the time for anticipated titles.

Your problem is that you think we owe you anything, or that by acting like an ass you can coax us into telling you something...grow up. Who cares what you think about the end-game?'ve never even experienced it! And this "ball is in your court" garbage, you'd actually have to make an informed point before we'd even be playing that game.

And i don't know about killahsin, but the NDA would be the last reason i'd need to ignore your demands for information, your attitude is more than enough.
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