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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by spirited1
More excuses.

The game releases in one week. Funcom isn't going to ban anyone for breaking nda this late in the game and you know it.

And even if the unthinkable happens and you get banned (and this is highly unlikely, Funcom are 100% gearing up for launch) , so what? You have a week to wait, big deal. And you get to be the guy who shuts an idiot like me up. Wouldn't you like to make me eat my words?

If you've experienced the end game, or even the mid level game, talk about it. Shut me up, prove I'm wrong. I actually WANT to be proved I'm wrong. Tell me how it's been thoroughly tested, and all features are in and working. Tell me how the raids are -- you don't have to write a thousand word essay. Tell me about the high level abilities and how sweet they are. Tell me about the quests, how involved they are, tell me about the rewards. JUST SAY SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Because right now you're all dodging, stalling, and hiding behind the nda. I'm sick of the snake oil salesman routines and the "wait till you play it wink-wink" hyperbole. I wasn't born yesterday.

I await your excuses. You're running out of them.

If anyone has pre-ordered, do yourselves a favour and cancel. Wait until someone makes an honest write up about this game, then make a decision on whether to buy or not. Don't buy into this pre-release hype train.

Or, you can go ahead and pay Funcom to finish the game on your subscription. It's your money.
Heh while your attitude leaves somethign to be desired, most of what you have said has some merit. I would like to hear more about end game also;instead all I hear is wait till you play it or its great dont worry.

I'm going to get the game on release day cause I'm a sucker and it looks cool. I have intentionally stayed away from the beta because I would like to be suprised. Lets hope I'm suprised in a good way.

As far as people just saying crap like end game is all set and what not, I have heard that on other forums, personally I don't believe it. Again it's not a tremendously big deal to me since I know they are going to be patching, refining and adding content all the time especially in the begining but it would be nice to know.

All in all I am very optimistic about this MMO and NO I dont think this is another Vanguard, as that was a true disapointment to me. Anyway, I'll be there on launch day next tuesday like everyone else. Peace.
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