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Default Re: I say it's time to close up the ol' crysis sub-forum

Originally Posted by SeriTonin
Because first and foremost this is a HARDWARE site, the focus on business and traffic should be hits and clicks based on HARDWARE.
I agree. However, look at forums like NeoGAF, HardForum and such. They receive so much traffic. Forums are a great way to SEO-optimise your site. There's only so much hardware/software you can review.

Secondly, I don't see the game giving them that much business, considering it's 6 month's old, and pretty much dead, where do you draw the line? I'm mean technically speaking, 19 years from now someone is gonna google crysis, so it stays for 19 years or what?
I wouldn't know. My best bet is maybe 1 year?

The sub-forum obviously isn't going anywhere, so rather than turning this into an argument, I say a mod just close this thread. Failed attempt, I accept the defeat.
For what it's worth, I thought this was a good suggestion.
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