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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by spirited1
You're missing my point. I haven't played the game. I have never once claimed I have played it. I believe the upper levels are buggy, untested, and missing a load of content.

You and that other guy are continually dodging. I ask for details, you say "nevermind that, it's great lol". I'm calling bull****. Either you and him have never played above 20 or you know there are drastic problems.

So come on. Give me the full skippy on how the end game raiding system works. Talk about how the classes work, talk about trash mobs, pvp mechanics, raid target ai, ANYTHING. Because I'm guessing you can't.

The ball is in YOUR court, not mine. I am not the guy talking up AoC. Show me the money or shut up.

the nda only covered lvls 1-13 they never stated we could discuss the post 20 game what so ever. I have been here forever. I'm not some rabid amatuer fanboy. The end game raiding system is just like ****ing wow but on steriods. The pvp system is like wow + advanced form of daoc with shadowbane thrown in for good measure.

I'm not talking UP aoc im talking ****ing facts.
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