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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by killahsin
Let me tell you somthing you little antagonizer. I originally played anarchy online. I played wow i played eq i played eq2 i played damn near every mmo, lotro, **** i played all of turbines mmos. I played ultima online. I setup and ran the original OFFICIAL anarchy online IRC server for arks developers and the community. I was fed a bunch of bull**** from funcom back in the days. I quit the game and left my 'free' duties of being an admin for them for their irc server. I'm not one here to feed people bull**** lies and propaganda that i have not seen for myself. I was the biggest ****ing funcom doubter here, because is aw what happend to what anarchy online was supposed to be to what it actually was and became.

Regardless if gaute is still there, this is NOT the same funcom and this is not anarchy online. You are free and more then welcome to doubt them. I totally understand but denying is not doubting. Trashing is not doubting. Talking about **** u dont know or understand is NOT doubting.

Thank you come again.

Oh and by the way you really don't understand nda's. You don't get banned for breaking them you pay a fee. a very ****ing large one. They are legal documents that are enforced by a court of law. So please, while you think were hiding behind some ****ing excuse, realize were just not trying to pay a large sum of money just to ****ing shut you up. There are countless ****ign SITES setup for nda breaking people. That openly discuss this game and warhammer and others still covered by nda's. Go there to find the information you seek, or YOU wait a week.
Will you have my baby?

I don't know if the end game and pvp are finished, fun or terrible. I simply do not know. I am not hyping this game at all and I am not putting it down. I am on the "wait and see" fence. I will decide when I get to experience all that this game is offering. If it sucks I wont continue play the game just as I have done with the other crappy MMOs out there.
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