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Default Installing Redhat on an FX5200

I just recently got a Geforce FX 5200 for my linux computer, and had no problems reconfiguring X for it; it worked great under Redhat 9 - it replaced a Geforce 4MX.

However, I'm doing a clean install, and the installers for Redhat 9 (Shrike) and Redhat 9.1 beta (Severn) both fail when trying to load the GUI; I get a blank screen and a monitor light that blinks to indicate "signal out of range".

I got Severn installed under text mode with no problems, but of course, Severn tries to load an X session by default, and even if I kill this (ctrl+alt+backspace), it doesn't help, because it apparently re-loads X to get to the login screen. I know I just need to edit inittab and set the runlevel down to 3, but I can't get to it...

Basically, I just need to know if there's a driver I can select in the installer that will enable both the installer and X to work well enough to allow me to download NVidia's drivers.

I'm not the only one having this problem; I've found several posts online like this one:

Worst comes to worst, I'll just throw in the Geforce4MX for installation and switch over to the 5200 after I have things set up correctly and the proper driver installed, but I don't really want ro swap cards just for that...
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