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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down

Originally Posted by grey_1
I had an older Gigabyte, great overclockers these days, but this one..bump it up even 1 mhz and it wouldn't post. very frustrating. It's hard to say until your exact specs are posted. Overclocking is luck of the draw anyway..some equipment will oc ike crazy, some won't.

Yes that's what I have been finding out. I had a buddy put this computer together for me, because I had no idea what to do. Now that I got it, I have been doing a lot of research. Since then I have put a XFX GeForce 8600 XXX video card in it, two more gigs or RAM & then sold my 2GHz processor for a E6300 Dual Core. After reading about that processor I have learned it's a very good overclocker, but everything else needs to be up to speed to do so.

I do have the stock fan/cooling system so I'm not trying to go to 3Ghz but wanted at least 2GHz with that, is that asking too much of the stock cooling system?
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