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Default Re: I hate Blu-Ray...

Originally Posted by seeker
I did a brief check on some Blu-Rays, and although they have plenty of capacity, they weren't all that fast either reading or writing. Perhaps there are better, but one that I looked at only would write Blu-ray at 2X. With 25GBs of capacity, that would take quite a while to burn one disk. I'll stick with my 20X DVD burner, until lthey improve.
There's no correlation between 2x BD-R and 20x DVD-R, like there isn't between CD-R and DVD-R.

1x in Blu-Ray spec is 36mbit/s, so 2x would be 9MB/s - or about 8x DVD-R speed. I'm currently using 4x discs which happily burn and verify at around 18MB/s, not too slouchy in my opinion
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