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Default Re: Plasma or LCD?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky
Much more expensive at 50" FullHD. I would have to go with 42" Panasonic or 37" Pioneer plasma instead of 50" Samsung plasma... Does not make sense to me (unless reliability is extremely different, which is not, I think).
Yes this is true, also Pioneer is getting out of the Plasma industry, which is unfortunate because they had THE best plasma's. Reliability of Plasma's has changed dramatically, I believe they are over 60,000hrs with the latest gens.

Honestly I would spend a few weeks @avsforums and read-up on these models vs. some other models. With the new 2008 Sony & Samsung LCD's coming out you can bet to see some deals on the 2007 XBR5 & 71F models, might be something to look into, Sony & Samsung LCD's are the best on the market IMHO.

BTW I would try not to be drawn into the True/FullHD marketing hype...just call it the res/refresh you want (eg. 1080p), I only say this because a lot of companies have different slogans for HD (some mean 1080i, some mean 720p), it's better to be clear on exactly what you want.
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