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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down

Originally Posted by grey_1
I've read of guys doing 800+mhz overclocks on those easily.

Here's a very helpful beginners guide.

After going through that (and the troubleshooting guide at the end)...

I would..

1. remove 2 sticks of ram, see if the 4x1 isn't causing your problem.

2. run orthos with everything at default.

3. If it fails, try swapping sticks of ram out, you may have a bad stick.

4. Just to be sure, it is the fsb you're changing, not the multiplier?

I will do all of that after I run orthos the first time. I will half to check when I get home if it's the FSB or the multiplier. I'm not sure which stick of RAM to pull out, the last two? Or 1 full, 1 open, 1 full, 1 open? Sorry i'm inexperienced

Thank you for all of you're help so far!
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