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Originally posted by Dazz
I thought all ASUS FX5800 cards come with a dust buster?
This may have been caused by the ASUS web site having the 5800 Ultra picture on their 5800 non-Ultra page (now corrected ). Only the 5800 Ultras come with the translucent "FX Flow." The 5800 regulars come with the black metal industrial-looking reference design fan, except for the custom versions by Leadtek and MSI.

Originally posted by Badash
Just got one for my 5800u
d00d! Don't go there! The Zalman heatpipe covers only the GPU. DDR2 RAMs require a heatsink. If you take the copper heatplate off the RAMs you'll burn them out the first time you power on the card!

That heatpipe works great on DDR1 video cards, but don't put the Zalman on any DDR2 card unless you put heatsinks on the DDR2 RAMs. (5800 Ultra 128MB and 9800 Pro 256MB so far the only consumer cards with DDR2.)

EDIT: I meant to say that all FX 5800 and all Radeon 9800 Pro 256 use DDR2.
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