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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

NVIDIA is to blame:
quote from tech.brief:

"SmartDimmer Technology
SmartDimmer—a feature uniquely manageable through the GPU—is an intelligent
way to manage notebook panel power consumption. For example, it dims the panel
when appropriate. The GeForce 8M Series or NVIDIA Quadro NVS/FX notebook
GPU driving the notebook panel is the only component fully aware of, and
responsible for, driving the display on the LCD panel. This unique capability forms
the basis for SmartDimmer technology, which lets users preset certain brightness-
related preferences through a control panel in Windows Vista (Figure 1). It also lets
the GPU manage the panel display within these limits. As a result, the GPU can
reduce power consumption from one of the biggest power users in a notebook—
the display panel. This reduction seamlessly delivers enhanced battery life for the
--> i guess they mean with user vista..
what i find strange is that i buy a laptop because of certain components like the graphic card, but that it wont work cross-platform... and there is no warning on the laptop itself. it means in other words: screwed (slightly)
this should be a case for the courts in EU...
should we gather together?
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