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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

I think wow has kind of lived it's life at least for people whom have been playing since beta. It's had a long run and a very good one. in fact it's kept me playing forever lol. But aftyer burning crusade and then redoing the loot grind all over again, and now another expansionw hich will make me redo the exact same things. I'm kind of ready for a new game. So wow is permanently uninstalled from my computer until the next great mmo from blizzard. Or until they truly expand on the game and not just by another 10 player levels and then 20 levels of gear.

Blizzard really has to expand the experiance for me to come back and keep playing. And im talking 3 more continents and twice the amount of levels they have now. But that's just me. They need to expand on the arena, they need to really support the world pvp and territory control mechanisms they spoke about in beta. The arenas and battlegrounds are just not interesting to me anymore. I want a real and true war with the alliance that leads me to the gates of stormwind(or a capital city added in a 3 continent REAL expansion). Not some tower in the middle of nowhere. I want to take over capital cities. And this is where blizz needs to go for me and alot of my kind to come back full time.
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