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Default Re: getting the most out of a dual core Opteron 185

Originally Posted by Raiasokura
Hi, i know its quite an old procceser but here it still sells for over 160 and is one of the better highend 939 cpu's (supposed to be equilivent to FX60,and slightly better than the 4800X2) just would like to know how far i could push it before i buy an Q6600 and from what ive read they seem to be really good and can be pushed as high as 3.6ghz safely. I cant seem to get the opteron running 100% stable at 3.02ghz here , 2.95ghz is stable most of the time but ive read around that people have had it running at 3.2 on air. ive taken 2 sticks of ram out to help get the most out of it, originally had 2GB. how are some people getting this to 3.2, without needing to use watercooling.

Opteron 185 usally at 3.02Ghz Multiplier 12x (Idle Temp: 39c, Load Temp 48c) Vcore 1.425,
2x Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 Memory at 2.94v, FSB 252.
DFI LAN PARTY RDX200 crossfire
HD 3870
Hiper-R580 Watt PSU

would it be possible for me to get the most out of that rig is it the powersupply whats casuing the OC issue im having?, would like to see how much i can get out of it before i finally go quad someone help me try and push this im interested in getting it more stable and getting a little more performance out of it, when i have it running in Prime its only stable for a maximum of 2-5 minutes when its at 3.04 Ghz. Also i occasionally get the Program not Responding Error this related to ram?, can i up the voltage on the ram would it be safe to do that.

The only ones over 3.0Ghz most likely have a cherry picked one from a really good batch. Your doing really good at 3.0Ghz I think; I couldn't get my FX-60 stable at 3.0Ghz. I backed it down to 2.8Ghz to keep it stable.

Does it really matter if you squeeze out another 100mhz? I highly doubt your going to see any tangible gains from it, and are only going to cause more issues with stability. From what I've seen I would say a dual core 939 processor with 2MB L2 cache running at 3.0GHz is very comparible to an E6600 stock. (4MB L2 2.4Ghz)

Once again with the Q6600's just because one person can get it that high doesn't mean that everyone can. I can't seem to get mine stable above 3.2Ghz right now. I don't think I'm hitting a voltage limit but rather a heat issue. The ones running 3.6ghz likely have a massive fan on their coolers to push as much air as possible.

One more thing to note, I would really bet that having a slightly lower processor OC and having 2GB of ram instead of 1GB will probably have a larger impact on performance. 1GB of ram isn't very much these days.
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