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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by musman
I don't think they list a specification on the fan size? I can't find one. Looking at some on New Egg there is a lot of different air flow rates and things....computers are so complicated lol!

I'm going to get two fans, one in & one out like you said, over clock it to 2.0GHz and watch the temp. After that I will look into a CPU fan.
Just a thought, if you aren't overclocking much the retail cooler actually does a pretty respectable job. You can latch onto a decent case with good cooling for less than the cost of 2 fans and a new cpu heatsink.

I use the above case for one of mine and while it isn't high performance, it is solid and cools well with the 120 in the rear. Plug another into the front slot later and you would be set.

Lots of options, especially if you aren't going to crank the cpu way up.
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