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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by musman
Yea that's a good thought!

I just got off the phone with the guy who originally built my computer and he says that computer is not really made for overclocking. It's really hard to get information out of him & he's a nice guy and all just not always the most helpful.

I want to be able to overclock it to 3GHz if possible nothing more.

Here is the exact bare bones computer he got me.

What do ya think? I think I could be going over my head lol.
For $79 USD that's not bad at all.

Things to watch for if you plan on playing some of the latest games..

I decent graphics card - think 9600GT or better + overclocking your cpu to 3ghz will likely push that power supply to the edge. Most bundled PSUs in less expensive systems probably won't deliver max rated load for long.

XDanger makes a good point about the northbridge too, they get HOT when overclocking.

What specifically is going to be the main purpose of your rig, gaming?

If so, the 9600GT and a more solid power supply would be the best opinion only.

Better PSU $59.99
Fans for existing case x 2. $6.99 Each.

Just tossing some ideas out there for you to consider while keeping a reign on the cash going out....
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