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Default Re: New monitor colors too saturated but control panel is empty

Understand that calibration programs only calibrate color values, not luminance. This is measured in cd or nit. Color calibrators try to make sure that for any given shade of such a color that it is within a deviation from the theoretically perfect color by so many points.

What you next need to do is calibrate your monitors settings such that you can see the full array of grays and that dark tones are distinguishable but not so bright that highlights are blown out and you can't tell the difference between white and very light greens, light blues, etc.

The best place to find monitor settings (individual RGB adjustments and brightness/contrast) is under professional reviews - ones where the technical aspects of a display are tested. These guys are nitpickers when it comes to color and usually you're safe taking their settings and rolling with it. Try sites like,, or You'll see things like gamma curves, etc, but just look for the internal monitor settings and any color .icm files they may have.

Also I should mention that any new LCD you buy these days that has a glossy coating (and most seem to) will produce artificially saturated colors. Panels with anti-glare coatings are usually much more subdued by comparison and considered more accurate. However, you'll get used to the effect over time, especially in gaming. For desktop 2d work all day long, you might want to consider a different display.
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