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Lightbulb Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Quite frankly I could care less about gaming. What I do yearn for though, is a 64bit FreeBSD driver for HPC. I am a software developer for a manufacturing company and develop software for extremely high performance real-time data processing. Having a 64-bit driver would allow the FreeBSD clusters to harness the awesome processing capability of these GPUs (i.e. TESLA). 64-bit is absolutely a must in these environments. Not only do we need the huge amounts of memory not afforded to us by a 32-bit environment, but having twice the available General Purpose Registers and twice the available XMM Registers (SSE) give performance opportunities only imagined in the 32-bit environments. As it stands, the only option for GPU offloading requires a migration to Linux. FreeBSD was chosen for it's phenomenal stability and ease of management and the lack of GPU processing is a door that just can't be opened without these drivers. FreeBSD has long been known for it's stability, performance, and scalability but not being able to harness these new plateaus of processing is almost painful.
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