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Default Severe slowdown with Option "Rotate" "CCW"

Hi. I am running a custom embedded 3D app on FreeBSD RELEASE 7.0 with nVidia driver 169.12.

I would like to run in 'portrait mode' with the monitor mounted vertically.

When I run with Option "Rotate" "CCW" in my xorg.conf file,
the app slows down over time. It staerts at a steady 60fps, but drops to 30 fps after about half an hour. Left overnight, it is crawling at about 3fps.

When I do not run with Option "Rotate", everything works fine - it runs rock solid for over 24 hours, no memory leaks, no slowdown. The same application code cross compiled for Windows runs fine as well.

I have tried this on two different motherboards, and four different GeForce cards (7200, 7300, and 2 different 8600 GTS), all with the same result.

Any suggestions on what the problem is, or how I can further diagnose?

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