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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
Yes, you can enter your preorder code anytime before launch. Once you enter it, you will get your mammoth or whatever the mount at level 40 or 45 (I forget). But when you hit the "Play Early" thing, it is supposed to send you another code to enter into the launcher so you can play early. Instead of that, what one would get now says something to the effect "The Play Early Program has sold out."...

There are 2 100+ post threads on the AOC forums (probably more) about this. Trust me, I can NOT get into to early access now...
Ah I C. So even though you bought the game and it gives you the information you still wont get in because you didn't enter your code in time eh? If so that is false advertisement. Here is my email from Game Stop.

Your Unique Code is: ***************
This key has certain benefits:
Fulfillment of your in-game item.
Early Access Program.
Go to and enter your key. You may begin downloading the game client software and installing as early as May 14. Then you may create a character and begin playing on May 17, 3 days before commercial release on May 20, 2008. Your character and all his/her progress will be preserved into commercial release. This key also unlocks your in-game item. Note: There is a nominal fee of $5 that covers the cost of the download and includes 10 days of additional game time. Some restrictions apply, see registration page for details.
Thank you,

GameStop Customer Service
So even though the email says I can start early I still cannot get in? That is flat out BS. From what I read that code they gave me has the early access program attached to it. In other words that code already reserved my spot. If that is not the case then I can see a class action lawsuit in the near future for EBGames and Funcom.
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