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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by grey_1
Not temps with a 600mhz overclock aren't much higher than at stock. From what I've read that stock cooler will handle a pretty decent overclock. Just take it slow and keep an eye on the temps. As long as you don't up the voltage you should be able to get a 4-500mhz clock increase out of that.

OK cool, thought something was wrong. I took off the side panels of my case & the temp (at idle) of my video card dropped from 129 to 114, I really need a fan! So I cranked up the GPU from 620MHz to 720 without it getting too hot. I bumped up the memory a little too. I did not see and difference with temp on my CPU.

Anyway, I will have two fans, one pulling one pushing like you said, in a few days.
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