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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Revs
All these screenies look awesome but what sort of frame rate are you getting? I assume it's not playable at these levels of detail.
It certainly is! - you may not be able to attain the sort of frame rates consistently you need for a first person shooter, but you don't need that in FSX. I think most of us shoot for, and largely get 25 - 30fps....I lock mine at 25 to give an even ride and it helps the terrain keep up - if I unlock it the rate can go as high as 60-70fps depending on where I'm flying. Decent Quad-core machines have no trouble maintaining much higher rates than mine, and keeping everything sharp.

All the shots I've posted are running at the same settings I play all the time at, and I'm sure Sillyeagle and the other are the same.
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