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Default Re: Abit vs Asus vs MSI

Originally Posted by stevemedes
i'd go with this:

but out of your list, i'd probably choose the abit. asus's p35 boards arent as good as their X38/X48 boards, the sata connector placement on them is terrible. i'm not a fan of MSI, so I wouldn't choose them. have you looked into gigabyte's boards?
I disagree. Unless you have dozens of SATA devices, the port placement panel isn't much trouble.

For it's time, P5K Deluxe was an amazing board. But yeah, right now, he's better off going with X38/X48 boards because they offer better VFM.

Go with ASUS Maximus Formula.

Don't go MSI, their boards are sub-par. (compared to offerings from ASUS anyway)
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