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Default Re: Help Me keep my E6600 or go E8400/8500

if i bought 2x2gb hyper X do i losse dual channel then in XP?

adn get it back in Vista64?

also why canīt i run the in 800 even if i set Dram frquency to 800 in bios?
also whn i look in juper free something
i see E6600 2400
but FSB is 1066 Default???

and CPU-Z shows my memory in the SPD tab shows PC5300DDR2 so according to CPU-Z the mems go in 333mhz is it due to the FSB set to 1066?

i have theASUS P5B-Deluxe and it says at when reading about he mainboard that the PC8500 Hyper X is optimized for each other

Does it mean that i need the PC8500 sticks for right mem speed or so?
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