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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omg_dastard!
At what level detail can I play this game at? Would a quad core make any difference?

One final set of questions, does this game work well with a saitek X52 pro (contemplating getting if better than keyboard) and is this game fast paced at all? I played the demo once which was pretty..........staid.
Your CPU clock speed determines the framerate, and adding more cores helps with terrain loading and to reduce stutters, but they do not increase your framerate. At 3.8GHz you can run it with higher settings than me, and as you can see it looks pretty good on my system, which is only 3GHz.

As to the add ons just read through this thread, its all been talked about a few times.

You would certainly want a joystick for this. I wouldn't even bother trying to use a keyboard. There's some missions in FSX but its mostly about getting in a plane and going for a flight, so the pace is up to you.
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