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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by grey_1
HOLY CRAP! That's awesome!

LOL, You'll have every audiophile on the forum filling your pm box!

Very, very sweet, I bet you never get tired of the sound.

Crap. I just glanced at my little logitech 5.1s after seeing that - another upgrade coming...

THANKS! I never get tired of the sound but I do change some of the equipment often, just like some of the peeps on here with computer upgrades. I have several power amps that I swap out from time to time.

That system is one of three that I have setup right now. Along with this one I also have a system in the family room & one in my beadroom....Oh... and one by my drum set also.

The bedroom system is all tube with one of a kind high efficiency single driver speakers, way different sound than my main system, but still very good in it's own way.

Audio is very subjective and that can make it fun but also frustrating at times too. Better specifications (in audio) don't always mean better sound. Tube amps have horrible specifications in comparison to most solid state but with the right match between amp & speakers, tube amps have a more natural general...and in most of my experimenting and experiences. Tube amps have a different type of distortion than solid state & the human ear likes the distortion that tube amps put out.
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