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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATi
will i need 1 more (92) to run with 8af 4aa?? should i sli? i play 1650x1050

Just for reference, heres what i run the game at:

Everything at the maximum, view distance, shadows, bloom, grass, etc. and most of these things are higher than the HIGH preset. I also have my Nvidia control panel at Very High.

This is with a e6750 (@2.8), 8800 GT 512, 4 gigs Ram, Vista 32 and the lowest fps i've seen was 24 when i first logged into Tortage. Generally running around in the other zones i'm no lower than mid 30's all the way to 60'ish, depending on the zone.

The game looks and runs great, and as of yesterdays patch is as ready for release any game in recent memory.
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