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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by musman
No that's the big one. I have another pair of speakers just as tall as them but they are very thin like 2in or so. The are a hybrid of planar magnetic & ribbon drivers, so they do not need a cabinet to produce bass....they have a much larger surface area to produce sound than a conventional speaker (electro magnetic) system like the one in the photo.

If you are looking for computer speakers Klipsch make some nice ones, but they did have some reliability issues awhile back, don't know if they fixed that.
See, that went around 25 feet over my head. WRT the computer speakers, yeah, these I have are a great deal at $70 USD and meet my needs, but with the refinement of sound in games lately + me getting back into my music, I need a good soundcard and a good, but not expensive set of speakers.

thing is, i have a bit of trouble with my ears, so finer nuances in sound that you would hear, and could be a deciding factor for you, would be lost on me. But I can still easily enjoy above average quality.

The Auzentech Prelude is the card I have in mind this summer, but speakers I haven't even shopped for yet.
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