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Default Re: Overclocking E6300 browser shuts down Part 2

Originally Posted by grey_1
See, that went around 25 feet over my head. WRT the computer speakers, yeah, these I have are a great deal at $70 USD and meet my needs, but with the refinement of sound in games lately + me getting back into my music, I need a good soundcard and a good, but not expensive set of speakers.

thing is, i have a bit of trouble with my ears, so finer nuances in sound that you would hear, and could be a deciding factor for you, would be lost on me. But I can still easily enjoy above average quality.

The Auzentech Prelude is the card I have in mind this summer, but speakers I haven't even shopped for yet.

Hooking it up to a Surround Receiver, like the way the show it in this photo will open up a whole new world of speaker choices for you. See, computer speakers are powered speakers (they have a power amp for every speaker) and it limits you to mostly very small speaker with cheap amps and so so speakers.

If you get a AV/Surround Sound Receiver you can now chose some very nice home audio speakers. Like these
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