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Default Re: Help Me keep my E6600 or go E8400/8500

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX
if i bought 2x2gb hyper X do i losse dual channel then in XP?

adn get it back in Vista64?

also why canīt i run the in 800 even if i set Dram frquency to 800 in bios?
also whn i look in juper free something
i see E6600 2400
but FSB is 1066 Default???

and CPU-Z shows my memory in the SPD tab shows PC5300DDR2 so according to CPU-Z the mems go in 333mhz is it due to the FSB set to 1066?

i have theASUS P5B-Deluxe and it says at when reading about he mainboard that the PC8500 Hyper X is optimized for each other

Does it mean that i need the PC8500 sticks for right mem speed or so?
Your current memory is rated to run at 333. CPU-Z is showing 1066 because of the intel bus being quad piped. 266 x 4 = 1066. Your E6600 is rated at 266 x 9 = 2.4ghz.

Now, your memory has a multiplier(ratio) which allows you to run your memory faster than your bus(asyncronis). If you were to change you ratio to make it run 1:1(thats memory:bus) then you could raise your bus to 333 x 9 = 3.0ghz and your memory would still be at its rated speed of 333.( 333 x 8 x 2 = 5300). Main point, you don't need new ram.

Do it in increments of 10mhz on your bus and test stability with games/Orthos and go until it is no longer stable then back the bus back down to the last stable setting. You can do this without adding any voltage to the vcore or northbridge and can possilbly get a nice OC out of that chip. I was able to take mine to 3.2 without adding any voltage.

Take everything I wrote with a little bit of salt cause I know how to do it but not that good at writing it out.

Best of luck and there is plenty of help here if you run in to a snag.
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