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Default Re: Help Me keep my E6600 or go E8400/8500

thing is that in bios it shows FSB 1066 not just CPU-Z and my meory is PC6400 hyper X why it is at 333 i do not know i even changed Dram frequency to DDR2 800 but still CPU-Z shows 333mhz wierd if you sak me

that is why i am thinking if i should have gone PC8500 Hyper X since it syas at and my mainboard box that the mainboard and hyper X PC8500 are optimized for each other as it is oc´d to go with PC8500 since the bus is max 800mhz so i don´t get it at all

check at for P5B-Deluxe Wifi/Ap and read the overview and the specification

coz i just don´t get it

from the overviw

" Kingston® HyperX® PC2-8500 Ready (default overclock at 1066 MHz)
The Kingston HyperX PC2-8500 is high-frequency memory that delivers outstanding performance. Built with only the best components, the P5B Deluxe and PC2-8500 HyperX memory are optimized for each other to reach maximum performance. Both are validated for stability and compatibility.
*The Kingston DIMM modules are not included in ASUS motherboard package."

and now the specs part

Front Side Bus 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz

well can anybody now explain for me why my 800mhz mem sticks go in 333mhz?

maybe i need a bios update wicj ain´t done since i got this board?
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