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Default Re: Help Me keep my E6600 or go E8400/8500

I think we need someone with an Asus P5B board that way they know what the bios looks like. My Gigabyte board will show me what the mem speed will be with the current bus speed and mem ratio. I try to keep my ratio set so that my memory is close to spec so I can run tighter memory timings(not getting into that one).

Thinking about it......your bios shows the bus at 1066 because the bus runs at a speed 4x that of the actual speed(quad piped). Someone else will have to explain it or you can find it on google. 266 x 4 = 1066. Your memory is showing 333 because with default settings the ratio is in auto and the ratio it has picked has the mem at 333 with the bus at 266. If you go into the bios and manually scroll through the mem ratio settings availalbe you will see you mem speed going from 266, 333, 400, 533 and maybe a few others.

And those 8500 sticks are only officially rated for 533. (8500/8/2 = 533)

Hope this helps.

You also need to make sure that 8400 or 8500 will work in that MB of yours. Those are 1333mhz chips and I just saw your board is officially rated at 1066/800/533.
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