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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omg_dastard!
Thank you for your reply. So will the be "playable" at 1920x1200 @ Max Quality with addons? Im running Xp Pro 32bit.

What I meant by pace was that does it feel if the planes are fast? I got fairly bored due to the planes feeling really slow, even though I was plummeting down at 90oc
I just use the Saitek Aviator my self($25). It has two throttles so I use one for RPM and one for throttle.

You will not be able to max everything on current hardware, but you can certainly get it to look like my images and be well into the 30fps range. What you have to do is balance the settings in the right way. Most sliders can be maxed out but there are a few key items you need to watch out for, as Lith1um mentions. Once you have had a chance to play with the sliders we can help with tuning.

The sense of speed is totally relative, so unless there is another object whizzing by, such as clouds or trees, you don' get much sense of speed. Thats why I like buzzing tree tops, etc. The sense of speed seems better with the FTX add on since the autogen objects are scaled more realistically, which means they are smaller than the oversized default autogen.

Popular add ons to consider are:

Flight Environment X (Cloud, sky, and water textures)
Ground Environment X(Ground textures)
Ultimate Terrain X(River, lake, coastline and landclass data)
FSGenesis Mesh(High resolution elevation data)

Flight Terrain X(FTX) is a superior scenery product which gives new ground textures, autogen, roads, landclass, coastlines, VFR objects, and more, but since everything is hand drawn and hand placed it is being released as small region packs of which only two have been released.
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