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Default Re: You may think I'm nuts, but processor upgrade to new .45 Quad makes a major differenc

GPU benchmark tool. I was dumbfounded. Let me explain something else that may help. With the Core 2 E6750, my processor usage was always up around 40% idle for some reason. With some research, I found that when running RAID of any kind on ICH8 or ICH9...that Vista had overhead. In XP...CPU usage never exceeded 3% idle. Now...with the Quad core processor...I am seeing 22% CPU usage (under normal circumstances the System and System Idle processes are to blame. Rather than keep every single item seperate and accountable, I am seeing a lot of different services run under one umbrella. Hard to check what ones are the biggest violators. that I have more CPU process left...things seem snappier. Perhaps something was holding Crysis back...not sure...but I know my fps are up and the game is smooth. Thinking of deleting all my saves and starting all over again...worth it...

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