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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Lith1um
Saitek X52 pro and their rudder pedals.

TrackIR <- It put's your head in the virtual ****pits. I won't fly without it.

And the Buttkicker Gamer. <- feel the sim in your whole body. awesome. $50

That is where I would spend my FSX dollars at the start.

Then I'd look at the Ultimate Terrain X series, FSGenesis mesh, MyTraffic X, and I personaly prefer X-Graphics.
Thank you for your fabulous help ^^

Are the rudder pedals that much benificial. Only saying this, because they actually cost more than the x52 pro

The trackIR looks kickass. Which is the best one to buy?

Consider all the addons brought

anymore help would be great

(p.s would going SLI, or upgrading motherboard and getting a 45nm Quad make a huge difference?)

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