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Default Re: Northbridge way to hot??? HELP!

That is exactly what I pictured. I read through some of the reivews on newegg for that board and there are a few other people saying the same thing. It sounds like it will get a little hot which is unsuprising considering it doesn't have a fan. The biggest problem that you have right now is there is no airflow in the case so both your graphics card and your CPU pump heat into case which causes the northbridge to get hotter than normal.

The way the stock intel cooler works it is basically pushing hot air off the the cpu directly onto the northbridge as well. Once you get your fans I would put the cover back on, run it for a little while and then check it again. The airflow should make a huge difference.

If you boot into your bios goto the power tab, and then hardware monitoring. Under the CPU temperature should be something called "MB temperature". That will list the exact temp for the northbridge. In their little screenshot they show it at 41C which I'm going to guess is probably a normal temp for it. If yours is going over say 65C then it is probably running too hot. I'm not exactly sure what kind of temps that chipset runs, but I'm just making my best guess going off of their screenshot.
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