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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by Maximillian79
Just recently started looking for a game to play casual.. (are playing Cod4 competely)
Im one of the few who newer player WoW lol
But I must admit this game have me curius.
Is there anyone who is done with there beta key? who could lend me his?
if thats possibel?

Just a question, so no flame plz
just pm if ur able to help me out
The open beta is done and the closed beta is wrapping up. Try and get a guest pass when the game is released.

Originally Posted by ATi
where should i get it? gamestop= war mammoth
bestbuy= battle rhino
It really doesn't matter. As you know this is just a continual free mount. You can buy the other mounts in the game through your grinding.
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