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Default Q6600 3.00GHZ @ STOCK COOLER

I overclocked to 3.0ghz, same voltage with stock cooler, i did stress test, according to Real Temp it got to 75c highest, and when its hot in the room at 100% load i'd say it would each 85c at least.

Is this bad, i mean real bad or is it ok for stock cooler? im hoping to replace it by monday, or tuesday because im ordering a better cooler, much better cooler i just need advice if to turn it off for now the overclock and re-enable when i got the cooler!

According to my TEMP MONITOR LCD on front cpu was only at 48c on stress but all i done is shuved the sensor into the heatsink at the far back near the top which is inaccurate so im like add 20c onto that, and thats the real temp. like 68c on lcd.

What is safe temperatures for this type of overclock am i pushing it too far? this was measured on Tj. Max tool, Tj. Max was 100c.

Any ideas?
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