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Wink Re: Q6600 O/C on P5K-E

I dont know what to tell you qther than I have an Asus P5K-E WiFi With a q6600 Oclocked to 3.0 ghz on air. I just set the fsb to 333 and left the rest to auto. Easy as pie. Passes all the tests. It could go way higher but I dont want to kill my main pc just yet. Temps seem good too.
I also have an bfg 8800 gt 512meg oc, very nice on this board. I didnt over clock it yet . Just waiting for the novelty to ware off.

Over all this was one of the easiest boards to set up too.

I didnt do the wifi thing yet. I thought this was a good option for 10 extra bucks {future entertainment machine}
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