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Default Re: Q6600 3.00GHZ @ STOCK COOLER

Fixed the overclock!

CPU Speed: 3.00GHZ
FSB: 1333MHZ
Idle Temp: 45c
Load Temp: 60c

Those idle and load temperatures are based on the night, when the room is hot after two pc's generating alot of heat, also quite hot outside now summer is coming up, so that is what i have seen so far.

Notice: Load temp is based on a 100% Load at a period of 15 minutes constant, i would never experience that if im playing games even with any application to be honest, so i can say this is now safe.

Solution: Lower Voltage! 1.450v to 1.300v - It is stable i done a couple test's with stressing etc and it is fine and working smoothly, iv'e still orderd a better heatsink for it so that will lower it even more, im guessing Idle: 35c - Load: 55c Im hoping!
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