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Thumbs down I've never seen a company make it so hard to buy their product.

In the world of most modern MMOGs the vendor makes it very clear where and how to download their client, create an account, install, pay and play.

After hunting around on the FUNCOM website I finally figured out how to buy AoC online. The buy page is hazy at best on what it is you are buying.

Parts say, "click here and you will be provided a download link after conformation of purchase...." Then you get to the next page and all-of-a-sudden you are being charged shipping and that your order has been processed. No download link.

I then get the email conformation and think, "okay well maybe there will be a link in there.", nope. Not only is there no link, the email says it should contain a pre-registration key so that I can download the game finally. It doesn't.

What the frak?
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