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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret
Thanks, but you didn't answer questions 2. Is ther a dx9 and a dx10 version with different graphics?

And i wont read through 100 pages man, i got a life...
Yes there is a DX10 (preview) render but it has quite a few bugs that nither Aces or Nv/ATI have addressed(well documented in this thread),it gives me about a 30/40% frame increase as well as the ablity to run higher relection on water shaders,VC shadowing,HDR lighting/bloom

Now not to sound like an ass but these things have been asked/answered a number of time in this thread said you dont want to read through it fair enought,but dont you think its a bit rich to ask us to type it all out again in replys for you because your to lazy to use the "search in this thread" function for DX10 related posts?.....

If your not into reading then id suggest that FSX is'nt really the game/sim for you because if you decide to jump in you'll have quite a lot of reading to do about the compatiblity of various addon and tweaks ect ect ect,these 100 pages are a gold mine of info and i find myself going back through them time and time again & by not checking them out your letting yourself in for a hell of a lot of frustration and time wasting....
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