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Unhappy kernal update blues

1st off I am a Linux virgin. (I am running RH9) I just dipped my toes into it so bear with me. I finnaly got my onboard lan working (Abit Nf7-S v2) when d/l the tar and make then make install it. So 1st thing I do after getting internet as any lifetime Windows user would is I update via the Redhat network. It wants to update the kernal. sure only good could come right? It updated it to 2.4.20-19.9 Well no. now my onboard lan isn't recognized again. It won't work even when I boot into the older kernal ( I tryed using the Tar again but it says stuff about bad numbers and won't work. I guess there is some fix for this but I am unsure where to look. Any help would be great. Oh how do you get out of X server (to install the video drivers is says I need to logout of "X server". Thanks
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