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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Well first off I did not play the Beta a whole lot, I wanted to be able to experience as much of the game new when it went live as I could.

But from the classes that I did try out in Beta, Demo & Necro, I did find that there were a few small changes, for the better imo. Things like DPS, how pets work, I could not find a pet control bar besides that little tiny one on the UI, now we have an actual tool bar for it.

Mob spawn points are different. When you came out of the main city gate and head up the volcano to right where you crossed that first bridge there was a spawn point there and past. That seems to be gone so you can continue to quests.

But the general feeling I have about the game is very good. But it’s nothing like starting areas in WoW with mobs you just go out and kill and simple quests. Because of the nature of the game you are mostly alone in the beginning lvl’s, with instanced quest areas. I like this so far as it allows me to play the game at my own pace.

This is not typical of other MMO where there is a mad rush at spawn areas to kill quest mobs.

I like it so far

FPS is 30-50 for my system (not my new rig, but my older QX7600, 8800GTX rig. I will install it on my new rig today or tomorrow), no stuttering or lag that I have felt anywhere. Game is very smooth, nice graphics etc.

I have 1 of each of the 3 casters, all lvl 10 so far and moving along at a nice pace.
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